Jiangxi Pingxiang Dier Chemical Packing Co., Ltd. is the

leading manufacturer of tower internals and tower packing located in Pingxiang,

Jiangxi, China. We have been in Chemical packing industry for more than 27 years

since founded in 1992. The manufacturer covers an area of 15000 square meters. 

    Our main products include tower internals, plastic tower packing, metal tower 

packing and ceramic tower packing, which used in chemical, petroleum and

petrochemical, coking, chlor-alkali, fertilizer, salt, pharmaceutical, electric power,

environmental protection and other industries. We have our own mold workshop, so 

we can shorten the production time. And we have own research and development

team, so that we can design for your plant. 

   Dier Chemical is the member of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Survey

and Design Association. And we obtained the import and export management rights

since 2008. Our products are sold all over the world.

   Welcome your inquiry and welcome visiting our factory. You will have our reply

within 24 hours.

  Let’s start to build a win-win cooperation together!